Generator Safety After the Storm

When used properly, portable and standby generators are a great option to provide backup power during power outages. Learn to use generators safely with the following tips:

  • Carbon Monoxide – Always keep generators at least 20 feet away from your home. Never operate a generator in an enclosed space. Always direct exhaust away from your home.
  • Electrical Hazards – NEVER use a generator in rain or wet conditions. Always keep the generator away from moisture and install on dry surfaces.
  • Power Cord Safety – Always use manufacturer-issued cables for your generator. Never use replacement cables that did not come with your generator. It may cause a short circuit in the wires resulting in an accident.
  • Fuel Safety – Generators use diesel, kerosene, gasoline, etc., as fuels. Most generator-involved fires occur when these fuels are not handled and stored properly. Be safe when handling generator fuel.


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